Term Break Goals: Don't fail out of Academy

Session 4- Bells and Skeletons

Group heads towards Southern Tundra.  Picks up warm-weather clothing on the way.  

Crossing the plains, they get picked up by a flying pirate ship sailing on the storm front.

The skeleton pirates were mean.  But when you attacked them, they just reformed into giant skeleton monstrosities.  

Annivel cleared the way for the students to get into the Captain's cabin where they found a necromancer and some bells.  Also muffled shouting coming from a closet. 

the necromancer was defeated, which also stopped the skeletons on deck.  The bells had to be destroyed as they were what controlled the undead.  They were cast in Silence, levitated, adn melted in a joint effort from the group.  

Annivel let the captain out of the closet, and untied him.  He happily offered to bring the group to Effra in thanks for rescuing his ship from the necromancer. 

Upon arriving in Effra, the Group had to wait until the shepherds came in for the night to get through the city gates.  They found lodging at the inn, where the barkeep told them about the pilgrimage and his worry for the children.  The group was directed to the city guard to ask to be allowed to go on the pilgrimage in exchange for protection for the townsfolk on the journey there and back.  

The Guard demanded to test the group's abilities before allowing them to accompany townsfolk to the ice caves.  After killing two ice drakes, they were approved for the journey. 


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