Term Break Goals: Don't fail out of Academy

Session 1 - Wizard's Tower

So we started our trip today.  The students were pretty confused when Toby and Lady Arathya kept them after class to talk about it.  I'm worried about how they'll get along…. it's a, well, interesting group.  None of them wanted to talk much when I tried to do introductions last week, especially Alaric… It'll be interesting to see how this goes.  I hope they learn to work together so that nobody dies. 

Rogo was the only one that showed up to leave the academy on time. I didn't have to send Poof, but there were some magical Alarms, a bucket of ice water, and one magically-induced fall.  

Quinlan just keeps complaining that his bribes didn't work… I don't think he understands how things work at the Academy.  He seems to be close with Garrett, who was only interested in whether or not they got to keep the "shiny things"  they find on this trip. Annivel kept talking about the moon (…?)  and often had to help Rogo say what he wanted.  Alaric is the only one that doesn't seem close to any of the other students, though he appears to tolerate Quinlan.  Whether it's his money or interest in Alaric's demonic heritage, I'm not sure. 

As we walked north from Carta, Quinlan complained about having to go through the rougher area of town… it's gonna be a long trip if he doesn't suck it up and stop complaining… But as we approached the tower, Rogo and Quinlan were able to pick out the necromancy and animation magic, though not the summoning magic.  

I left them outside the tower to set up camp, but did send Poof to watch over things.  As i walked away, Garrett did scale the tower and kick around on the roof for a bit…. He got down eventually, but I'm not really sure what he was trying to accomplish… They went inside, adn surprisingly enough, Alaric stepped up to intimidate the helmed "helper" (horror)  into submission, though one of the boys did have a brief tangle with the rug… According to Poof though, they found a few potions and a scroll. 

They headed upstairs… cautiously. Rogo and Annivel snuck right up to the 3rd floor, where they awoke the flame-skull.  And the Skeletons downstairs.  Eventually everyone showed up and was able to interrupt the skull's chanting and crisp up the skeletons.  

Annivel sweet-talked the spider on the 4th floor, so they proceeded to the top floor which appeared to be the living quarters of the wizard.  They rifled around the desks, then moved to the bookshelves and bed.  They made the books angry.  Garrett tried standing on some books to pin them down, but it only make the other books angrier.  Quinlan grabbed the pillow, swearing it was the diary they were looking for as Rogo and Annivel continued to sift through books on the desks and shelves, trying to avoid mass papercuts from the swarm of books above them.  Annivel grabbed a few journals, hoping to get out of there quickly (Quinlan had already left claiming "I already found the journal (pillow).  We can leave!")  But it was Alaric who finally spotted the journal under a stack of papers.  They fled the tower, and the journal seems to have… taken a liking (?) to Alaric… I'm curious to see whether he just tolerates this development or embraces it.  We set off tomorrow to leave Carta for the Fae Wilds. 

Session 4- Bells and Skeletons

Group heads towards Southern Tundra.  Picks up warm-weather clothing on the way.  

Crossing the plains, they get picked up by a flying pirate ship sailing on the storm front.

The skeleton pirates were mean.  But when you attacked them, they just reformed into giant skeleton monstrosities.  

Annivel cleared the way for the students to get into the Captain's cabin where they found a necromancer and some bells.  Also muffled shouting coming from a closet. 

the necromancer was defeated, which also stopped the skeletons on deck.  The bells had to be destroyed as they were what controlled the undead.  They were cast in Silence, levitated, adn melted in a joint effort from the group.  

Annivel let the captain out of the closet, and untied him.  He happily offered to bring the group to Effra in thanks for rescuing his ship from the necromancer. 

Upon arriving in Effra, the Group had to wait until the shepherds came in for the night to get through the city gates.  They found lodging at the inn, where the barkeep told them about the pilgrimage and his worry for the children.  The group was directed to the city guard to ask to be allowed to go on the pilgrimage in exchange for protection for the townsfolk on the journey there and back.  

The Guard demanded to test the group's abilities before allowing them to accompany townsfolk to the ice caves.  After killing two ice drakes, they were approved for the journey. 

Session 3: Fey Party

Lots of drinking & weird costumes

Alaric wore leaves.  Tried to get lucky.  didn't work

Garrett Did get lucky.

Quinlan talked to the grumpiest fruit merchant, then ended up naked in a closet with Rogo.

Rogo sneaked around, made it into the castle proper to try and get the book.  

Annivel socialized, lost track of companions, got worried. 

Queen Mab destroyed Alaric's costume, ruined his chances with the weaver, threatened him.

Orianna got out of her meetings.  Found everyone a hot mess in the throne room with the queen. 

Queen entrusted the book to Annivel after some reassurances from Orianna and Annivel. Also wrote a letter that keeps shape of bird-  Can be hard to keep track of. 

Kicked everyone out for causing suck a ruckus. 

Session 2 - Bandit Camp
Quinlan Silverhall

Despite our success in the tower we were forced to push on to the Fae Wilds to find some other tome of undisclosed value. We choose to take the Mile High Bridge to reach the wilds but it was fraught with flying adversaries. A pair of wyverns swept down at us from the sky striking opportunistically when our party was buffeted by strong wind. Garrett, despite being nearly blown off the side of the bridge, used his natural athleticism and incredible bow skills to damage one of the beasts but our team seemed ill equipped to handle these winged monstrosities. As I put one of the beasts to sleep sending it crashing to the ground two large black dragons appeared and snatched the wyverns from the sky.

The dragons landed and assumed their human forms apparently to great Orianna. While they spoke only briefly, I found their familiarity with our TA odd . I inquired to the nature of this relationship but found her answer unsatisfactory. Our TA clearly has some secrets. Alaric took this opportunity to flirt with the dragons clearly ignoring their nobility. His ineptness was rightfully met with distaste. 

Upon our arrival at the Fae Wilds we were stuck with a blow darts putting us to sleep. We awoke in bandit camp tied to tower. After a brief conversation with the leader we uncovered this was T'ergo explaining why they had placed all of the nonhumans in bird cages that dispel magic. We convinced the leader to have a drink with us with some help from my magic. While my clever ruse as fellow nonhuman hater worked wonders Garrett had a rare misstep and got us expelled from the camp. I used blink to reacquire our groups equipment and Garrett and I charged into the camp destroying several bandit and helping our fellow students escape their enclosure. We defeated the bandits after Alaric put us all at risk by exploding a tent full of incendiary tools.

We arrived at a small town and found a Ranger that could lead us to Fae Queen Mab's alter and Annival knew the ritual to summon her. Upon the arrival of a Fae we entered a portal and entering into the Fae world. We met with Mab and Annival spoke with her given their history. Mab refused to give us the tome willingly so we must seek a way to acquire the book without permission.


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