Term Break Goals: Don't fail out of Academy

Session 2 - Bandit Camp
Quinlan Silverhall

Despite our success in the tower we were forced to push on to the Fae Wilds to find some other tome of undisclosed value. We choose to take the Mile High Bridge to reach the wilds but it was fraught with flying adversaries. A pair of wyverns swept down at us from the sky striking opportunistically when our party was buffeted by strong wind. Garrett, despite being nearly blown off the side of the bridge, used his natural athleticism and incredible bow skills to damage one of the beasts but our team seemed ill equipped to handle these winged monstrosities. As I put one of the beasts to sleep sending it crashing to the ground two large black dragons appeared and snatched the wyverns from the sky.

The dragons landed and assumed their human forms apparently to great Orianna. While they spoke only briefly, I found their familiarity with our TA odd . I inquired to the nature of this relationship but found her answer unsatisfactory. Our TA clearly has some secrets. Alaric took this opportunity to flirt with the dragons clearly ignoring their nobility. His ineptness was rightfully met with distaste. 

Upon our arrival at the Fae Wilds we were stuck with a blow darts putting us to sleep. We awoke in bandit camp tied to tower. After a brief conversation with the leader we uncovered this was T'ergo explaining why they had placed all of the nonhumans in bird cages that dispel magic. We convinced the leader to have a drink with us with some help from my magic. While my clever ruse as fellow nonhuman hater worked wonders Garrett had a rare misstep and got us expelled from the camp. I used blink to reacquire our groups equipment and Garrett and I charged into the camp destroying several bandit and helping our fellow students escape their enclosure. We defeated the bandits after Alaric put us all at risk by exploding a tent full of incendiary tools.

We arrived at a small town and found a Ranger that could lead us to Fae Queen Mab's alter and Annival knew the ritual to summon her. Upon the arrival of a Fae we entered a portal and entering into the Fae world. We met with Mab and Annival spoke with her given their history. Mab refused to give us the tome willingly so we must seek a way to acquire the book without permission.


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