Anya's Guard/ Chaperone


Jhaeros is Anya’s personal bodyguard (or the responsible adult chaperone depending who you’re asking about it). He’s a large, black shadow dragon, that appears a mid-20’s roguish male when in Human form. He also occasionally takes the form of a winged shadow demon when it isn’t going to be off-putting.

Unlike Anya, he prefers to blend in and not cause a ruckus, though the flight abilities given by the demonic form do have their advantages, particularly in battle. To that note though, he switches forms incredibly fast, and you almost can’t tell if he’s wearing cloak of if they’re his wings when he’s in his human form.

He’s rather quiet, and is obviously the one making sure Anya isn’t getting herself into trouble. He is also of Noble draconic blood, though not in line for the throne.

He also seems very “friendly” with Orianna, and is much more animated when talking to her vs anyone else.