Term Break Goals: Don't fail out of Academy

Session 3: Fey Party

Lots of drinking & weird costumes

Alaric wore leaves.  Tried to get lucky.  didn't work

Garrett Did get lucky.

Quinlan talked to the grumpiest fruit merchant, then ended up naked in a closet with Rogo.

Rogo sneaked around, made it into the castle proper to try and get the book.  

Annivel socialized, lost track of companions, got worried. 

Queen Mab destroyed Alaric's costume, ruined his chances with the weaver, threatened him.

Orianna got out of her meetings.  Found everyone a hot mess in the throne room with the queen. 

Queen entrusted the book to Annivel after some reassurances from Orianna and Annivel. Also wrote a letter that keeps shape of bird-  Can be hard to keep track of. 

Kicked everyone out for causing suck a ruckus. 


rachelguarriello rachelguarriello

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